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Custom Orders:

A custom order of Food Bricks will be an order made to your specifications. I will make what you want a reality. If you want a fruity Food Brick, for example, I will source a wholesome freeze-dried berry powder and add that into the mix. Before anything is finalized you will contacted with a rough draft. Get creative!


You can expect labels and nutrition information, just like with the regular flavors. Each custom order will be for 40 bars and will cost just $100 payable by PayPal invoice. Order through the Contact page.

Local Orders:

Please place local orders through the Contact form. We'll arrange delivery and payment on an individual basis.

Pistachio Butter - 8 oz

Pistachio Butter is a rich, creamy, and extremely flavorful spread made from only wholesome ingredients.


Try Pistachio Butter in a protein shake to start your day, directly from the jar with a spoon for a midday snack, or over toast topped with a dollop of honey for a late-night treat.


Pistachio Butter is delivered in quality, reusable, and recyclable wide-mouth glass mason jars.


Ingredients: Organic Pistachios, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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