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Custom Orders:

A custom order of Food Bricks will be an order made to your specifications. I will make what you want a reality. If you want a fruity Food Brick, for example, I will source a wholesome freeze-dried berry powder and add that into the mix. Before anything is finalized you will contacted with a rough draft. Get creative!


You can expect labels and nutrition information, just like with the regular flavors. Each custom order will be for 40 bars and will cost just $100 payable by PayPal invoice. Order through the Contact page.

Local Orders:

Please place local orders through the Contact form. We'll arrange delivery and payment on an individual basis.

Chocolate Food Brick


The Food Brick Chocolate experience is one of unparalleled richness of flavor. Ingredient after ingredient layer upon each other to yield an incredibly complex flavor profile that will leave you deciding whether to sort out the complexity, or simply take another bite. 



From a nutritionist standpoint, raw chocolate is by far the highest antioxidant food, and will accordingly help your body to rapidly eliminate inflammation.



Ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Cashews, Pecans, Cacao Butter, Cacao Powder



All Food Brick ingredients are 100% Organic, Raw (kept below 115ºF), and the nuts are soaked!



The original sprouted nut butter bar, Food Bricks are hand-made nutrition bars designed to be delicious and nourishing. They're special inasmuch as we use nuts and seeds that were soaked and dried, which has been found to yield a tastier and far more digestible product. All of our ingredients are organic and processed at low temperature to maximize nutrition. It is our intention that you be nourished.



Food Bricks will keep for two weeks under air conditioning, or six months refrigerated (recommended).

18 Food Bricks $44

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