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Custom Orders:

A custom order of Food Bricks will be an order made to your specifications. I will make what you want a reality. If you want a fruity Food Brick, for example, I will source a wholesome freeze-dried berry powder and add that into the mix. Before anything is finalized you will contacted with a rough draft. Get creative!


You can expect labels and nutrition information, just like with the regular flavors. Each custom order will be for 40 bars and will cost just $100 payable by PayPal invoice. Order through the Contact page.

Local Orders:

Please place local orders through the Contact form. We'll arrange delivery and payment on an individual basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of a Food Brick?

Food Bricks do best refrigerated, and will keep for six months thereby.

They'll keep under air conditioning for two weeks.

Are Food Bricks Organic?

Almost every single ingredient that makes up a Food Brick is Certified Organic (99%+). The exceptions are the Freeze-dried Starbucks Via brand Coffee in our Mocha flavor, and a few of the spices in the Chai Spice flavor.

Are Food Bricks "Raw Food" / are there active enzymes in these bars?

Yes. Food Bricks are hand-made in small batches and never cooked.

Are Food Bricks Vegetarian or Vegan?

Yes, Food Bricks are both Vegetarian and Vegan.

I understand Food Bricks are health food, but are they actually tasty? Be honest.

Lol, yes! Food Bricks are delicious. I believe people tend to shy away from eating foods that don't taste good, so taste is of utmost importance during the formulation of these flavors.

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