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Custom Orders:

A custom order of Food Bricks will be an order made to your specifications. I will make what you want a reality. If you want a fruity Food Brick, for example, I will source a wholesome freeze-dried berry powder and add that into the mix. Before anything is finalized you will contacted with a rough draft. Get creative!


You can expect labels and nutrition information, just like with the regular flavors. Each custom order will be for 40 bars and will cost just $100 payable by PayPal invoice. Order through the Contact page.

Local Orders:

Please place local orders through the Contact form. We'll arrange delivery and payment on an individual basis.

Food Bricks are The Original Sprouted Nut Bar, a health food bar made of only the finest ingredients - a nut butter blend, dates, cacao butter, and delicious flavor-specific ingredients.

Food Bricks are special in that they are ORGANIC, RAW, and use SOAKED NUTS (i.e. SPROUTED). Many people are familiar with the benefits of Organic; the food is more nutrient rich, free of harmful chemicals, and tends to taste better. RAW and SOAKED NUTS are less understood. When nuts are soaked (sprouted), this means that they are soaked overnight in salt water, rinsed thoroughly, and dried at low temperature. Studies show that nutrients in the nuts that have been soaked in this way are three to four times more digestible (see Gabriel Cousens's Conscious Eating). You can taste the difference, too. The water that is washed off the soaked nuts is very bitter and disgusting). The fact that the nuts are raw and not heated above 115ºF serves this same purpose of increased digestibility/bioavailability of nutrients.


There are now five regular Food Brick flavors: Chocolate, Mocha, Chai Spice, Mint Crunch, and Lemon-Poppy Seed. If none of those sound appealing to you, or you have an idea for a new flavor then please send me a message! I would love to hear from you and am perfectly willing and able to create a custom order for you whereby you design the bar, and I make it. We'll make the Food Brick to your specification. Read more about this at the bottom of this web-page.


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Be nourished,

Barry Neal

Owner and Chef, Food Bricks Company

Food Bricks - The Flavors:

Chocolate           •           Chai Spice           •           Mint Crunch           •           Mocha

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